Gambit to go independent opens new doors for Hinojosa 
October 10, 2013|Current.org

Host ProFile: ‘I Look At The World With Awe And Wonder And Feel Re-Invigorated’
September 6, 2013|npr.org

NPR’s Latino USA Expands to an Hour; Announces New Content in 20th Year on Public Radio 
September 5, 2013|Hispanicize Wire

Maria Hinojosa Reflects On 20 Years Covering Latinos
August 20, 2013|Here and Now

With a $60K grant, Futuro Media Group asks: “News or Noise?”
May 23, 2013|Current.org

25 Latinas Who Shine In Media
May 6, 2013|Latina Magazine

Latino USA Becomes First Radio Program To Commence Regular Radio Captioning Distribution
February 22, 2013|npr.org

Maria Hinojosa Questions Diversity of Media Outlets That Use ‘Illegal Immigrant’
October 8, 2012|ABC News/Univision

Opening Some Eyes on Immigration
September 16, 2012|Washington Post

Clarkston, the refugee melting pot, is focal point of a PBS special
September 23, 2012|Atlanta Journal Constitution


What Is Latino? Defining America’s Ambiguous Ethnicity 
September 17, 2013|The Huffington Post

After 20 Years, Latino USA grows to an hour 
September 5, 2013|Current.org

Latino USA on NPR to Welcome The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal In Newly Extended Radio Program 
September 5, 2013|The Huffington Post

Here’s 15 Smart Women of Color on Twitter
August 27, 2013|Colorlines.com

Looking at History and In the Mirror Are Keys to Addressing Pillars of Racism 
August 19, 2013|Martha’s Vineyard Gazette

Watch Aura Bogado’s Live Chat with Maria Hinojosa on the Dream 9 
August 7, 2013|Colorlines.com

50 & Awesome: 5 Women Who Seriously Inspire 
June 27, 2013|Refinery 29

Latino USA launches a multiplatform series to help listeners consume journalism more critically
May 28, 2013|AIR’s Public Media Scan

Live radio captioning goes nationwide with Latino USA
April 4, 2013|Current.org

IS IT NEWS, OR IS IT NOISE? NPR’s Latino USA to Launch New Series Separating Fact from Frenzy with the Support of a McCormick Foundation Grant
March 8, 2013|Press Release

Hinojosa wins John Chancellor Award for a lifetime of broadcasting achievement 
October 9, 2012|Current.org

Video: Should Journalists Not Refer to Immigrants as ‘Illegal’?
October 7, 2012|MSNBC

An Inside Look at ‘America by the Numbers: Clarkston, Georgia’ – Interview with Award-Winning Journalist Maria Hinojosa
September 21, 2012|Latino Public Broadcasting

Maria Hinojosa PBS Special Looks at the Changing Face of America
September 17, 2012|Equal Voice for Families

PBS’ Hinojosa wins journalism’s Chancellor Award
September 12, 2012|Columbia Journalism School

Hinojosa explores civic life in town where multiculturalism is the norm
September 10, 2012|Current.org

Michelle Obama, Moms & The Media (feat. Maria Hinojosa & The Futuro Media Group)
September 7, 2012|The Huffington Post

Latino USA’s ‘Infiltrating Broward’ on CNN Radio’s Sunday Playlist
August 19, 2012|CNN Radio

Maria Hinojosa Investigates Changing Demographics in New PBS Special
July 23, 2012|HispanicBusiness.com

Maria Hinojosa’s America By The Numbers: Clarkston Georgia
July 22, 2012|Latin Heat Entertainment

50 Top Latino Voices to Follow on Twitter
July 20, 2012|The Huffington Post

Maria Hinojosa’s Ware Lecture Selected As Vital Speech Of The Week
June 23, 2012|Vital Speech of the Week

Full Audio and Transcript of Maria Hinojosa’s Ware Lecture on Immigration
June 23, 2012|Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Maria Hinojosa to Give This Year’s Ware Lecture
June 20, 2012|Press Release

Maria Hinojosa Listed Among Top Latina Picks for TED Talk
March 23, 2012|Fox News Latino

Hinojosa & Collins: high hopes for partnership in the cloud
March 22, 2010|Current

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