The TV division of The Futuro Media Group produces multiplatform journalism and public media on the ground and in the community.  We tell stories that are often overlooked by mainstream media, and we bring independently produced, high quality programming to broadcast, cable and the web, interfacing for maximum reach and impact with our radio division, Latino USA.

The Futuro has produced programs for PBS, NPR and the BBC, and we are currently in production on a half hour pilot for PBS, funded by the National Minority Consortia and the Ford Foundation.  We produce new media segments that stream on The Futuro, PBS World and NPR websites.  We seek to support and mentor other independent media makers who share our vision and values. Through compelling narratives that reflect the voices and visions of underrepresented communities, we are committed to creating a critical and unique perspective of our times.

Because we could not say it better, we include and endorse the “Statement of Values” of ITVS:

In an era of expanding commercial use of the Internet and consolidation of media ownership, a free public media sector is critical to an open and informed society. The following values underlie our work:

  • Freedom of expression is a human right.
  • A free press and public access to information are foundations of democracy.
  • An open society allows unpopular and minority views to be publicly aired.
  • A civilized society seeks economic and social justice.
  • A just society seeks participation by those without power, prominence or wealth.
  • A free nation allows all citizens forms in which to tell their stories and express their opinions.”

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