Amanda Alcantara is a writer and journalist. She is Co-Founder and Editor of La Galería Magazine and author of the blog Radical Latina. Her storytelling is centered around themes of Caribbean womanhood, from a socio-cultural perspective. Her work on feminism, identity, and other topics related to Latinidad has been published on Latino USA, Remezcla, Latino Voices and Black Voices on The Huffington Post, The Washington Post’s The Lily, BESE, and recently on The San Francisco Chronicle. In May of 2017, Amanda obtained a Master of Arts from NYU in Latin American and Caribbean Studies where her thesis focused on the experience of women residing on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti—she travelled to Dajabón and Ouanaminthe and interviewed 22 women to complete the project. In 2018, her speech AfroLatinidad and Redefining Resilience in the Latinx Community was published on the anthology Latinas: Struggles & Protests in 21st Century USA, published by Red Sugarcane Press. She has a BA from Rutgers University. A map of the world turned upside down hangs on her wall.