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In 5 years, Latinos will account for over half of all population growth. 85% by 2050.

12 Hours

Latino listeners age 12+, averaged 12 hours 54 minutes per week.

Top 10

Public Radio podcasts are consistently ranked among iTunes’ top 10 and “best of year” lists.

Highlights of Our Reach

Of all the 30 NPR distributed shows, Latino USA had the highest audience growth rates in 2015, 265%.

Our first season attracted 1.2 million unduplicated viewers and expanded the typical viewers of public tv by attracting younger and more diverse audiences.

Since the pilot was launched in mid-January, this video series has amassed more than 650,000 Facebook views.

What Our Audience is Saying

  • Journalism at its best is a very profoundly powerful force for equality and justice. And there’s no better example of this today than in the outstanding coverage of America’s demographic revolution. And no one does a better job of holding that mirror up to society than Maria Hinojosa.

    Darren Walker, Ford Foundation CEO and President

  • The Futuro Media Group tells us the truth. Now more than ever we need to know what matters. What’s actually happening and how it affects our community within the current world. Maria Hinojosa and her fellow team members understand our gente at the cellular level and recognize the essential importance of reporting on major news stories from multiple perspectives including how they impact us, Latinx.

    Latino USA Listener

  • Diversity and Politics! Where Have You Been? Leave it to Maria Hinojosa to pull together a podcast that brings these issues together organically.

    In The Thick Listener

  • Thanks for sharing stories that don't get a wide play and creating pieces about real American history.

    Latino USA Listener

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