Futuro Media cracks the mainstream with its innovative podcasts! In a recent “Los Angeles Times” profile, music reporter Suzy Exposito explains how the podcast industry noticed how “Latin music’s popularity ballooned well beyond the Hispanic community” and how as a result “podcasters saw opportunities for additional growth.”

In comes “Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez,” a co-production between Futuro Studios and Sonoro. Hosted and reported by Erick Galindo in English and by Mexican journalist Alejandro Mendoza in Spanish, the 8-episode podcast examines the extraordinary life of the Mexican singer-songwriter known as the “godfather of narcocorridos.” Chalino Sánchez, smuggled migrants and tangled with the Sinaloan drug cartels, sang songs about their dirty deeds for years, until one night in 1992 he was shot and killed after a concert in Culiacán. Thirty years later, his murder remains unsolved. This podcast attempts to unravel the mystery of his unsolved murder.

You can read the full “Los Angeles Times” article here.