A bilingual journalist with 20 years in the field, Andrea is currently a senior editor at Latino USA.
Andrea spent just over half of her career at Dow Jones where she worked as an editor for The Wall Street Journal Americas division. For several years, she was also the New York-area correspondent for El Comercio, her native Peru’s leading daily newspaper. After a one-year stint as a copy editor for Bloomberg News’s Spanish-language service, she entered the world of podcasts. She was Radio Ambulante’s fact-checker for over two years as well as Radio Ambulante Studios’ news-oriented podcast El Hilo. 
Andrea is also a busy freelancer. She frequently fact-checks for This American Life, Columbia Journalism Review, and Vox Media. For Election 2020, she joined Telemundo News and ProPublica’s Electionland as a fact-checker and tip- catcher, respectively. 
Finally, she is also an adjunct at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY where she teaches research to the bilingual class.