Launches March 19th!

Futuro Studios, in partnership with Sirius XM and Stitcher, present Stars and Stars with Isa. Have you ever wondered what the zodiac can reveal about your favorite artists? Then you have to listen to Stars and Stars with Isa, the podcast where we look to the stars above with the stars below. Every episode our charismatic, funny and insightful host and astrologer, Isa Nakazawa, sits down with the most talented creators and thinkers of our time to read them their birth chart. In the show, Isa delves into what the planets reveal about the star’s life purpose and why they love, create, and walk the world the way they do. You’ll laugh, you might cry and you’ll definitely connect with your favorites. You’ll even learn a little about yourself.

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About Host Isa Nakazawa

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Isa is a writer, host, and astrologer whose chart readings give people insight into their strengths and passions in life. She elevates conversation to an artform—fluidly weaving references from her spiritual practices in astrology and tarot to her vast web of cultural knowledge. Isa is generous and warm, inviting her guests to tap into their power and purpose. Musicians, artists, and actors leave her readings feeling seen, empowered, and more in tune with their innermost desires.


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