Futuro Studios is the new creative division of Futuro Media. The team at Futuro Studios is led by Peabody Award-winning journalist Marlon Bishop on the editorial end and Julio Ricardo Varela on the business end.

So far, Futuro Studios projects include:

  • A new podcast mini-series co-produced with the Los Angeles Times called The Battle for 187 about the history of a harsh anti-immigrant measure approved by California voters in 1994, and its resonances today.
  • A new podcast called Radical Imagination created for the non-profit PolicyLink about radical solutions to our society’s most pressing problems, from reparations to open borders.
  • An upcoming podcast produced in collaboration with On The Media and WNYC about Puerto Rican history and politics.
  • 5+ additional podcasts in different stages of development in partnership with some of the most important players in the industry, along with several series treatments for documentaries and shows that focus on POC themes.

To connect with the team at Futuro Studios, feel free to connect with Marlon here or Julio here.

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