Mariano Diaz is an independent entrepreneur and life-long leader in the food industry. For over ten years, Mariano served as the only Latino on the Board of Directors of the Food Industry Alliance. He was also the President of the National Supermarkets Association (NSA), which is the largest independently-owned supermarket association in the US, representing over 600 supermarkets in the tri-state area and throughout the eastern seaboard. Over the past forty years, Mariano has acquired and developed numerous supermarket, commercial and real estate properties in New York, New Jersey and Florida. He has also mentored his own employees, some of whom have opened supermarkets of their own.      In 1992, Mariano was featured in a New York Times article, “Thriving Where Others Won’t Go.” He was also recognized by the Boy Scouts of East Harlem,   the Catholic Institute of the Food Industry, and many other charitable and community-based organizations, for his mentoring and personal philanthropy.


Mariano graduated Cum Laude from Lehman College in 1978. He was later accepted to the Master’s program at George Washington University to study International Relations. He is fluent in five languages, and he had to use all of them, in raising his four children.